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Preserve Cell Merging on Pagination


I have an igGrid with Cell merging feature turned on. I have added pagination feature as well. If I click on next and previous pages , Cell merging works as expected  .However , when I try selecting a particular page from the pagination control , it seems the cell merging feature gets turned off and I see duplicated values.

Is this an existing bug , or is there a workaround to this issue. Following is my grid definition : 

width: "100%",
autoGenerateColumns: false,
jQueryTemplating: true,
dataSource: '@Url.Action("GetData", "Controller")',
responseDataKey: "rows",
dataSourceType: "json",
"<tr>" +
"<td> <b>${Name} </b> </td> " +
"<td> ${Department} </td> " +
"<td> ${Role} </td> " +
"<td> ${Salary} </td> " +
columns: [
{ key: "Name", headerText: "Name", dataType: "string" ,width:"6%"},
{ key: "Department", headerText: "Department", dataType: "string", width: "3%" },
{ key: "Role", headerText: "Role", dataType: "string", width: "3%" },
{ key: "Salary", headerText: "Salary", dataType: "string", width: "3%" },

] ,
features: [
name: "Paging",
type: "local",
pageSize: 7,
recordCountKey: 'records',
pageSizeDropDownLocation: 'inpager',

name: "CellMerging",
initialState: "merged",
{ name: 'MultiColumnHeaders' }

Thanks and Regards,


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