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Success Event Handler not firing

Good day.

I have implemented a Success Handler function called "ReturnsSuccessHandler" for my igHierarchicalGrid in my MVC4 project, in the same manner as described at the end of this article:

Basically I have a Save function called by a button:

function SaveReturns() {


        $("body").css("cursor", "wait");



Before upgrading my project from IgnuteUI 2014.1 and jQuery 1.7.2 to IgniteUI 2016.1 and jQuery 2.0.3, this was all working i.e. my "ReturnsSuccessHandler" function was being called after save without a problem. Since upgrading, it no longer fires.

Why is this? I cannot see any errors in my console to point me in the right direction. This method is no longer working on 2 views.