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igTree Fail to load in Chrome/EDGE/Firefox


I am useing igTree in my project and this control appears in left menu and is also loaded in jQuery dialog box when the dialog opens. We upgraded igTree from 2014 version to 2016.1 version and we are facing below issue.

Tree in left menu loads fine but in all modern browsers (Edge/Chrome/Firefox) when I load the tree in the dialog box (when the tree in left menu is still there) i get below error

GET http://localhost:31620/__browserLink/requestData/27f8483fe4564ae0994812d66eb0dc54?version=2 404 (Not Found)

I am also attaching screen capture for this issue, if I close the dialog and try opening it again the tree is not loading at all. 

I am suspecting the issue is related to JSONP  or websockets which might be used internally in some Infragistics library.

Can you pls help me in resolving this issue. We are totally blocked because of this.


Parag Dave

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    Hello Vivek,

    Thank you for contacting Infragistics!

    I have attempted to create a sample to reproduce this behavior and so far have been unable. I have some follow up questions:

    How are you setting up the igTree in the dialog?
    Can you try to temporarally disable the browserLink in Visual Studio, does that have any effect?

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