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RowSelection with Combo Box

I have a grid configured with combo boxes. When the combo editor is selected and it opens for editing it deselects all the other rows in the grid.

In my application there are hundred of rows and it has to page them 25 rows to a page. The users are supposed to go through the rows selecting the editor and changing the value in the combo and then selecting the next row. However when they move to the next row it deselects ever previously selected row.

Is it possible to:

#1 keep the rows from being selected when they select the editor in that row.

#2 prevent the opening of the combo editor from deselecting all the previously selected rows.

I have an example attached to display the deselecting row behavior.

RowSelection_with Combo
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    Hello John,

    Keeping the rows from being selected when the editor is selected is not possible.

    I came up with a solution and I have attached a sample to this message. To change the value in a combo box you have to have the row selected and you can only select a row when you mark the check box. In this sample, changing a combo box's value doesn't deselect any rows.

    Please test it and let me know if this is a satisfying solution for your problem.

    Ivaylo Hubenov
    Entry-level developer

    RowSelection_with Combo