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Angular2 and late binding


I am trying to use the igTree with an angular 2 app. 
When I try to bind the data to the dataSource with data that comes from a remote server (or a button click for the matter), the tree is left empty.

If I set the data in the constructor - it all work fine.
I used the samples from the github page :

I set the data in the constructor to an empty array, and load the data on a button click through the loadData() method:


constructor() {
// = ProductCategories.getData(); = [];

this.newProductCategory= { "Name": "",

"Name": "",
"ProductSubcategoryID": 0
this.options = {
bindings: {
childDataProperty : "ProductSubcategories",
textKey : "Name",
valueKey : "ProductCategoryID"

loadData(){ = ProductCategories.getData();
this.options.dataSource =;


Any help will be welcomed


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