Combo box renders badly in Page Designer

See attached screenshot. Bad rendering is highlit in red box.

This screenshot taken in Windows 7 on Chrome, but same problem occurs in Firefox and IE.  Also no change for those browsers running in Windows 10. Tested on 3 different PCs. Problem also occurs in Page Designer's preview.

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    Hello uxster53,

    I have created a support case for you with an ID of CAS-181199-R7W8C1.  The matter has been determined to be a development issue and has been logged in our tracking system with ID: 232321.

    I will leave this case open and update you with any new information.  You can view the status of the development issue connected to this case by going to the “Account” tab on our website, selecting "My Support Activity" and then this support case will be listed there.  Then, you may select the "Development Issues" tab to view details of this development issue.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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