[Infragistic bug] Iggrid datepicker format bug


You guys made my day. I spent whole day to fight with the bug you had in your iggrid.

I have infragistic mvc version 2015.2

Bug 1: Iggrid update url (I posted before can you please also answer this)


Bug 2:

I use datepicker with iggrid and specify the datepicker format. There is a bug between what we see and what the value really has

Here is the code:

gridModel.Columns.Add(new GridColumn() { HeaderText = "Snapshot Date", Key = keySnapshotDate, DataType = "date", Width = "15%", Hidden = false, Format = "dd.MM.yyyy" });

This is what we see

And when I want to chang it, that what we see:

The format is now changed from the format I gave.

This cause a problem on posting data into the controller because What I see, What I choose and What I expect are all different ??

I try to download different culture for datepicker de, fr etc but then it doesn't work anymore.

Is that a bug or I made any mistake?

Thank you

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    Thank you for contacting Infragistics!

    It appears Tsanna is handling your other forum thread, if you have further questions/concerns about that, I recommend you update that thread.

    Concerning the igGrid with a igDatePicker editor when I test this with the latest version of v16.2 and the behavior works as expected with the “dd.MM.yyyy” format respected from the grid cell level down to the igDatePicker level. Between v15.2 and v16.2 we replaced our editors so this was likely resolved then. I recommend you upgrade from v15.2 to v16.2. You can see the following docs for information on the changes for the editors between versions:


    Each of the other editors has a similar article under that control in the docs. And here is the one for the igCombo:

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