Make infragistics grid responsive while Using responsive infragistcs grid with spliter view


I am using Infragistics grid with Spliiter view.as shown in below screenshot.

Here we are having issue that when we click on splitter , the infragistics grid becomes irresponsive but when we change screen size to Ipad , grid layout becomes responsive to single column template view.

so we want when user clicks on splitter , the grid should become to single column template.as shown in image "Expected result "

So we think grid becomes responsive when we change window size , but not when div size changes.so we want when user chages div , the grid should become responsive to single column.

We are using below code for this.

For reference , for single column template 


and for spliter:


Code in both views of Splitter:

1) 1st View

Code of Single column template view 

2) @nd View

Code of splitter.

So w