Drop downlist inside the igGrid in each row from Data source of the Grid


I am new to MVC5. Currently i am working on the grid with drop downlist bind it from the Model. In the below code snippet, each row has a column "Action List" and ActionResult data type is List<SelectListItem>. Each item in the drop down should be a hyper link and when user selects an item from drop down then call the javascript, based on the selected value i will create a Tab using HTML5 tab control.

My View looks like

.Columns(column =>
column.For(x => x.Name).HeaderText("Column1");
column.For(x => x.Address2).HeaderText("Column2");
column.For(x => x.Address1).HeaderText("Column3");
//column.For(x => x.ActionsResult).HeaderText("Action List").Template(Html.DropDownListFor(x => x.selectedAction, x.ActionsResult, new { @class = "select_box" }));

How to achieve this? Please help me