Inbuild source of resposnvie view and structure of page section with responsive view

Hello Anyone,

Good Morning All

I have integrated the one sample page  using by page designer in IgniteUI

Designing using page designer is not suits for alignment and not responsive too. In which Alignments and structure section is missing. Its leads to rework only IgniteUI components div section and its layout working on that aspects only you created. As like bootstrap in which default source only we have to call the class so that responsive will be viewable. For example using a single class name entire bootstrap with responsive including textarea,label,textbox,etc.... fully center. They are given the default structure inbuild on the source.

In the same way i need it for IgniteUI and where it is, is there any library for each components is available to create a structure with full responsive.

Please share me the source file with demo or Please suggest me.