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Wrap the text of the editor in IE/ Edge

Hi all,

What I want to do is simply force the text entered in the editor to automatically wrap according to the editor width.

This works fine in chrome/firefox but in IE/ edge if I enter a long sentence, the horizontal scroll bar just infinitely expanding.

I tried to set a style with 

.ui-widget-content body {
word-wrap: break-word;
} but it don't work 
If anybody has a workaround
Thanks for the help 
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    Offline posted

    Hello Hugo,

    Thank you for contacting Infragistics!

    I have done some looking into this matter and I have been unable to reproduce the behavior you describe. When I have a long sentence in IE11, Edge, chrome, and firefox they all wrap the sentence without the additional css you are using. I have some follow up questions:

    What version are you using?
    How are you setting up the igHtmlEditor?
    Do you have a sample that demonstrates this behavior?

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