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Paging in Grid and german localization


i have a problem with german localization. Paging in the grid does'nt work any more when i set AutoDetectLocale(true). 

The selection of the page size isn't working any more.

I have downloaded the latest version of Igniteui and modified the sample file Infragistics\2016.2\Ignite UI\Samples\IgniteUI.SamplesBrowser\Views\Loader\aspnet-mvc-helper.cshtml in this way:


@(Html.Infragistics().Grid(Model).ID("grid").AutoGenerateColumns(false).Columns(column =>
column.For(x => x.ID).HeaderText("ID").Width("100px");
column.For(x => x.ProductName).HeaderText("Name").Width("200px");
column.For(x => x.QuantityPerUnit).HeaderText("Quantity").Width("200px");
column.For(x => x.UnitPrice).HeaderText("Price").DataType("number").Format("currency").Width("130px");
.Features(features =>

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