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In WebUpload1_UploadFinishing Event I cannot read any controls on Page

I made a simple page with an ig:WebUpload control, a couple of dropdown lists, and some radio buttons.  I have the uploader set to upload as a memory stream.

The idea is that a user will select which file they are submitting, whether they want to replace or update their data, then upload a CSV file and I will process it differently depending on which options they choose.

The problem is that no matter what options are chosen, either by dropdown or by radio button, inside the UploadFinishing event the dropdown lists show selected index of 0 and none of the radio buttons report as being selected.  Once the UploadFinishing event is complete all of the controls show the correct options selected.

I've tried adding a hidden label or hidden field that will get a value when a radio button or a dropdown list is clicked.  The value does write to the hidden field, but once I'm inside the UploadFinishing code that hidden label or field is blank.

Is there some way for me to read controls on my page as the upload is finishing up?

My sample project is attached.  Please tell me what I'm doing wrong.