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igUpload and ASP.NET Core MVC

We are migrating an existing application to run under ASP.NET Core MVC. We want to use the Upload feature, but the assembly we currently use, Infragistics45.Web.jQuery.v16.2, only works when the IIS App Pool using .NET CLR Version v4.0. .NET Core requires that the App Pool be set to "No Managed Code". We've tried using the new Upload Middleware we've found described on various Infragistics websites but can't seem to get any of them to work. We are running the .NET Core with the full 4.6.2 Framework due to functionality we need that is not available in the .NET Core Standard.

Can anyone provide a detailed example of both configuration, server-side and client-side code examples, to help us achieve what we need to do. We want to continue using the client-side igniteUI JQuery to perform the Uploads, but we need the server-side to run under .Net Core using the full 4.6.2 Framework.