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The parent nodes are not generating in collapse mode.

Hello I am using the IgTree Grid consisting of a parent node, when I loads it, it generates in the collapsed form for the First time but here the parent node consisting of Child data and here further the Child data node is again acting as parent node for other child nodes,suppose



|_ _(-)parent1

|      |

|      |_ _(-)parent1-1

|            |_ _Child1-1

|_ _(-)parent2

The parent1 and parent2 are always opening with (-) icon but the data consisting in that not expanded, we have to click (-) two time in such that first it becomes (+) and then after clicking one more time it expands, here  I am using $("#treegrid").igTreeGrid("collapseRow", "0"); method to make every sub parent to be collapsed but it is not working here, as i thinks the problem aries when I again make the Child node to be parent node by using addChild mehod, because an blank lines adds into it. After all the issue is the grid works but by double clicking on the nodes to open i.e. on 1st Click it (+) collapses then on 2nd Click it actually now expands (-). Help me out.