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Remote paging


We are using IgniteUI version 16.2.20162.1035.

As the web service method requires a lot of parameters, doing a 'POST' request to retrieve a big dataset (more than 300k records). Obvious choice would be to rely on Paging.

Configuring igGrid as follows:

dataSource: data,
odata: false,
responseDataKey: "Data",
virtualization: false,
rowVirtualization: false,
columnVirtualization: false,
childrenDataProperty: "Notes",
primaryKey: 'TxnId',
expandCollapseAnimations: false,
autoCommit: true,
autoGenerateColumns: false,
autoGenerateLayouts: false,
height: '100%',
width: '100%',
features: [
name: "Paging",
type: "remote",
pageSize: searchPageSize,
showPageSizeDropDown: false,
recordCountKey: 'TotalRecordCount',
pageIndexChanged: function (event, args) {

Sample of data received: {"Data":[{"TxnId":256892438}],"TotalRecordCount":100000}

As a result data is displayed up to the searchPageSize, but no actual pagination generated for the rest of the data. Happy to hear any suggestions.

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