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Tree Grid : Need to open modal pop up on click of first column when click on edit


I am using treeGrid --> Update functionality. My data is getting populated properly in a tree manner however, I am facing an issue while opening the modal pop up on first column.

My tree has three columns (Id,Item1,Item2)

Here is my scenario.

Once the tree is loaded when user clicks on (+) to add the new item. I want to open the modal pop up on first column click to select the item.And once the item is selected i need to fill column 1 ,2 and 3 with its respective values. I am not able to do this. 

Please help me with the solution.

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    Hello Manjushree, 

    Thank you for posting in our forum. 

    Could you share some additional information on the exact scenario you’d like to implement? 

    Typically when clicking on the ”+”  sign to add child data when edit mode is set to “dialog” a modal dialog will be displayed with input fields for each of the columns.

    While the dialog is opened you cannot interact with other grid elements that are not part of the dialog like the grid columns. 

    Could you describe in more details what kind of item you’re trying to select? Should it update a field different that the ones displayed in the columns  (Id,Item1,Item2) or does it serve a different purpose? 

    I’m looking forward to your reply.


    Best Regards,

    Maya Kirova

    Infragistics, Inc.





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