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Disable cell editing


I am using infragistics hierarchical grid load on demand. It has a few editable columns including a dropdown and a checkbox. I want to check if the dropdown value is "something" then show the checkbox otherwise disable editing on that checkbox cell.

I have used the following code to highlight the checkbox when the dropdown value is "something" but I am not able to disable editing in case it is not the desired value:

$(document).delegate("#igGrid", "igcomboselectionchanged", function (evt, ui) {

   if (ui.items.length > 0) {

   if (ui.items[0].data.Text == "something") {

        $.ig.checkboxMarkupClasses = "ui-state-default ui-corner-all ui-igcheckbox-large !important";


   else {

        //want to disable check box here

        $.ig.checkboxMarkupClasses = "";




Can you please help me with this?


S Singh

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