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igGrid or igHierarchialGrid in place of igTreeGrid

Is there any way to design a igTreeGrid Stucture using igGrid or igHierarchialGrid.

basically I am using older version of ignite/infragistics in which igTreeGrid is not there. But i need the same functionallity in older version : for you reference please check the url... I need this ype of structure but i cannot use igTreeGrid



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    Hello Shubhankar,

    Thank you for posting in our community.

    Since you have a hierarchical data my suggestion would be to use igHierarachicalGrid. This control is suitable for displaying hierarachical data with multiple layouts(relationships) on the same level. Because igHierarachicalGrid uses internally the flat igGrid almost all of its features are also available for the igHierarachicalGrid. Resources about igHierarachicalGrid, that I believe you may consider helpful, are available online:

    Please keep in mind that igHierarachical grid the child layouts does not have the same column definition as the root layout as it is in igTreeGrid.
    Additionally, having in mind the fact that igTreeGrid is not available in the version that you are currently using, I believe it is version 14.2 or prior and I would recommend you upgrading to any of our latest versions of Ifnite UI (of course the most version 17.1 is highly recommended in order to take advantage of all new features). According to our Product lifecycle document the support for version 2014 Vol 2 expires October 2017 and for all previous versions it has already expired.
    Thank you for using Infragistics components.

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