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Modal Dialog background overlay missing


we are using an igDialog in our MVC application. We are using it as modal dialog and want to have a background overlay to avoid usage of page controls. 

Unfortunately, it is not appearing. The dialog opens but the page is still accessible. However, as soon as we are clicking into the dialog, the background overlay appears. 

is this behavior expected? We want the overlay to appear as soon as the dialog opens... 

Thank you, 

P.S. some code:

 var popId = 0;
let popups = [];
function openPopup(html) {
let id = 'popup' + popId++;
$('<div id="' + id + '" />').prependTo(document.body);
let popup = $('#' + id);
let config = {
state: 'open',
modal: true,
draggable: false,
resizable: false,
showCloseButton: false,
height: '400px',
width: '600px',
zIndex: 9988 + popId,
openAnimation: { effect: 'scale', duration: 'slow' },
closeAnimation: { effect: 'scale', duration: 'slow' },
closeOnEscape: true,
stateChanged: function (evt, ui) {
if (ui.action === 'close') {
let div = $('#' + ui.owner.element[0].id);
return true;
return false;
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    Offline posted

    Hello Robert,

    Thank you for posting in our forums!

    I am able to reproduce this behavior and after some testing, it is related to using the openAnimation option.  If you do not use the openAnimation, the modal background appears immediately as expected.

    I am not sure if this is expected, but the behavior did not occur in earlier versions of the control.

    I have created a support case for you with an ID of CAS-187337-Q6D6K2. The matter has been determined to be a development issue and has been logged as github issue #1204.

    I will leave this case open and update you with any new information.  You can view the status of the development issue on github from the above link.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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