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Image click not working after treeGrid filtering

Hey Guys,

I am trying to implement a modal popup on an image button which is bound to each node on the treeGrid, everything works fine on initial load but after filtering in search bar the image click event stops working, i am not getting any error on browser console or on my viewmodal, 

I am binding the treeGrid using knockout, from view modal i am creating an link and img button and binding as treegrid source.

image button binding as : <img title='Company Information' class='modal-image' src='" + common.baseContentUrl + "/images/info-apps-16x16.png' height='10px' width='10px' data-toggle='modal' data-bind='click: $root.showCustomModal.bind(this,1111)'/>

Attaching the tree as an attachment.

Any suggestions would be helpful. can not attach full code ( sorry).