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Financial Indicators position


We are using igDataChart "candlestick" series type with Financial Indicators. Chart plotting accurately, when we apply indicators candlestick series hides behind the indicators. This behavior can be seen in the attached snapshot. How we display newly selected indicators behind the candlestick series. Any small sample application would be appreciated?

Financial Indicators:

  • Bolinger bands overlay
  • Market Facilitation Index indicator
  • Price Channel overlay
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    Offline posted

    Hello elinder,

    When you add a new series it is being repainted "on top" of the already existing, so it seems like the candlestick series hides behind. The resolution is to remove/add the candlestick series along with the indicator series, so that the candlestick stays "on top". Please review the sample I have attached for your reference. You may need to write adittional logic to handle all series when adding multiple indicator series ( my sample deals only with one for the demo purposes).

    Please let me know if you have further questions, I will be glad to help.