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Summary/Paging for igHierarchicalGrid


We are using IgniteUI version 16.2.20162.1035.

Configuring the grid as follows:

dataSource: '/api/data/' + key,
odata: false,
responseDataKey: "Data",
virtualization: false,

features: [
name: "Paging",
type: "remote",
recordCountKey: "recordCountKey",
pageSize: 25,
showPageSizeDropDown: false


What's the best way of setting up a summary of average and sum of a column? As we are using remote paging, ideally the summary would be for all records. The code provided at: seems to be a bit off and ASP.NET Controller code does not corroborate with the View.

Alternatively we can provide that via the service endpoint, but I cannot find the correct properties to assign those values to. Code provided at: does not seem to get into too much details on how to hook up to result from the server.



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