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igEditor is not a function

We're using your IgniteUI controls (V16.1) within an MVC project.

There are three developers on the project - 1 developer using Windows 7 (64-bit) and the other 2 developers using Windows 10 (64-bit). We're all using Chrome (V61.0.3163.100).

To load the required IgniteUI resources we're using the igLoader (using the MVC helper). This renders the following:

We're successfully using the igGrid controls within our views.

The problem comes with the editor controls (we've tried the TextEditor and DatePicker). Using exactly the same code, the controls render correctly on the Windows 7 PC, but throw the following client error on the Windows 10 PC's:
"igEditor is not a function" (in infragisics.loader.js)

The controls are rendered using the MVC helpers as follows:


Do you have any suggestions how to fix this?

Regards, Dave