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checkboxes are rendered as textboxes which igGridCellClick is done

Hi team,

I have a checkbox column which is generated out of a string value and the column set is dynamic set as we have autoGenerateColumns = true;

So i am extracting the column for the checkbox and associating the {datatype : bool, format: bool, template:

"<input class='gridcheckboxinput' type='checkbox' style='vertical-align: middle;' {{if ${field7}=='true'}} checked='checked' {{/if}}></input>"}

My requirement is on the checkbox click it will open a pop-up form which will fill the hidden fields which are associated with the hierarchical grid and on popup done click it will keep box checked ;

so what's happening now is 

1.) when user clicks on the checkbox it opens a pop-up but behind the scenes it is turned to a textbox

2.) you fill the pop-up info and then click ok then still the checkbox retains with the same false string

3.) After done click on the row which will turn the row into dirty. its checking the checkbox. 

but intrim it's turning to text box and coming back to checkbox . can you please help us here with an working example which is in javascript not the Razorview example.


Akhil vijay.