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How to use Ignite UI grid with Angular 2 to load data from Web API?


As per the requirement of my project, I am in need of developing Ignite UI grid with Angular 2 and Web API. I have worked on Ignite UI Jquery grid. But Angular 2 is entirely new to me. I do know that the support for Angular 2 is on the way. I was following the sample sol. from Github('') to create Angular 2 Grid. I was successfully able to do it. But I want the data to be dynamically loaded from Web API. I tried creating some HTTP service class from angular to achieve the dynamic loading of data, but was not successful in doing it. I went through the forum for any relevant solution, but didn't find any. It will be really helpful if you could provide a working example of Ignite UI grid with Angular 2 & Web API ASAP.

Awaiting for your response.


Rahul S