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IgHierarchical Grid Update Row issue

Hi Team,

I have a hierarchical grid as attached in the sample and as a user i will be filling  the dropdown info and everything before hitting any one of the checkboxes .The issue is  not able to capture the modified values in the other columns(dropdowns, textboxes etc) before hitting on ok and cancel button.

Requirement that I have is

1.) User modifies the  grid row and clicks on checkbox which will open a popup (we are passing the associating dataSource specific modal info which does not have modifications which are not in dirty form)

2.) On popup some more values will be added and on pop-up close entire row has to be updated with the modified info.(both before clicking on checkbox and after clicking on checkbox)

I have tried UpdateRow on popup close but it's not maintaining the changes which we have performed before clicking on the  checkbox.

Need  an urgent response as we have a delivery this week.


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    Hello Ariyaraj,

    Thank you for contacting Infragistics!

    I have been unable to reproduce the behavior you describe. When I edit the values of the row on checkbox check and then click done the values are committed to the grid.  Please provide me with an isolated sample that reproduces the behavior you describe.