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How to expand all child bands


I have 3 bands of hierarchy in my grid. I am able to expand the first level but not able to expand the second level. I want my grid to look like below:


  - T1


But what I see is:

- R1

  + T1

I am using the following code:

function expandAllRowsOfGrid()


 // get the top level grid

var parentGrid = $("#igGrid").igHierarchicalGrid("rootWidget");

$(parentGrid.allRows()).each(function (index, element) {

     $("#igGrid").igHierarchicalGrid("expand", element);

     $(element).children().each(function (indexChild, elementChild) {

        $(element).igHierarchicalGrid("expand", elementChild);




$(element).igHierarchicalGrid("expand", elementChild); throws an exception.

Can you please suggest the correct way to open the second level.



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