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error : cannot call methods on igtexteditor prior to initialization, attempted to call method 'value'

I am getting javascript error while updating the cell values in iggrid after combo change in iggrid.

please any one help how to resolve this

function UserIdChange(evt, ui) {

                 var UserId = ui.items[0].data.Value; //Passing selected value to the controller and retriving json object
                 $.getJSON('GetUserData', { id: UserId}, function (data) {

                     var name_editor = $("#gridUserInformation").igGridUpdating("editorForKey", "Name");
                     name_editor.igTextEditor("value", data[0]);

                     var occupation_editor = $("#gridUserInformation").igGridUpdating("editorForKey", "Occupation");
                     occupation_editor.igTextEditor("value", data[1]);


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    Hi Stamen,

    code I have written above is working fine  but the case is there is no existing rows in grid.

    I am getting error, if I am in edit grid (already some rows are there in grid). it is not working for  add new row as well as editing the current row

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