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Filtering date column version 17.2 IgniteUI

The filter with a date column doesn't work with version 17.2 of IgniteUI.  It always give a javascript error: The valDateParts is null....

It work fine with version 16.3 of IgniteUI.

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    Offline posted in reply to Sébastien


    This topic goes into this in detail and could be an useful read if you are upgrading from a version equal or earlier than 16.2 but to summarize - the Microsoft date format (e.g. "/Date(1508990400000)/" ) is no longer supported by Ignite UI. In order to get dates to work correctly from version 17.1 onward you should use the widely adopted Newtonsoft.JSON library that serializes dates in ISO 8061 . If you are using the MVC Helpers, the correct serialization will be done automatically by them. They will require that Newtonsoft.JSON  is available in the project references.

    I hope this helps!

    Best regards,

    Stamen Stoychev

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