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igGrid remote Paging

I have two problems in igGrid when remote Paging.


The first, I can not get the queryString in my MVC controller when my igGrid is paging that is using http POST method. My igGrid is initialized like below:

When my igGrid is using http POST method, I can not get the queryString like pageIndex, pageSize in my MVC controller.

If I remove the code requestType:’post’ in my igGrid , the grid use http GET method to remote paging, And it is work to get the queryString like pageIndex, pageSize in my MVC controller.

My Second problem is that : Is there anyway to post the data when igGrid is remote paging ? Because I do a practice that I want get the data from user by igEditors in my webpage and then return the information to user by showing in my igGrid. So, I use the button to create an ajax request which is included the data what the user input in the igEditors, and I can use the data from ajax request in my controller to access my database. But when I click the “Next” button in igGrid for changing the igGrid’s page, I don’t know how to get the data what user input in my webpage when igGrid is doing remote paging to my controller that is set from the dataSourceUrl.

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