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groupByWrapper Locale

I am upgrading to 2017.2 I'm trying to convert this groupByWrapper.EmptyGruopByAreaContent("{0}") to the new locale format. I'm stuck everything I tried hasn't worked. Can you help? This was my last try which I know isn't right.

(builder => groupByWrapper.EmptyGroupByAreaContent("{0}")));

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    Hello Tammy, 

    Thank you for posting in our forum. 

    The Locale method has two overrides, one allows to set the locale options via expression builder, for example:

            .Features( f=> { f.GroupBy().Locale(loc => {


            }); })

     The other allows setting it via text, for example:

            .Features( f=> { f.GroupBy().Locale("{emptyGroupByAreaContent: 'Group By'}"); })

     If the option is not specified in the expression builder approach you can set it via the second one via a string.

    Let me know if that solves your issue. 

    Best Regards,

    Maya Kirova

    Infragistics, Inc.