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igGrid - Custom Validation Method firing excessively


I'm working with a row edit dialog in a grid that uses custom validation methods. I'm noticing that the custom method is firing every time any field changing. Here is an example of what I am seeing. Open the F12 console and then edit a row. Start typing anything in the "Color" field. Even though onchange is set to false for the Name field, it get validated every keypress even if on a different field.

This is just a basic example of what we are seeing. In our main solution, we are seeing this method getting called multiple times when the dialog opens initially (not currently duplicated in the jsfiddle). We've even had an issue where an infinite loop occurs in the validation method (unable to duplicate this on demand).

Is there any way we can limit the amount of times the custom validation is called? We only want to do it when focus is lost or the form is submitted. We are currently using this functionality to accomplish remote validation, so we want to ping the server as little as possible.



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