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Month Datepicker in Grid



Currently I'm in a development, and I need create a grid with updating(add) option; the required data type fields are: combo and datepicker. I've defined:

In the datapicker I just need to show the selection of months and years; without showing the days. I have searched your documentation( & and forums but I do not see anywhere that you have that type of configuration in your component.


My current result is the following:

And what I really need is something like this:

Additional: Another flaw that happens to me is that whenever I click for the first time when adding a new row, it shows me the following message by default, which at the level of user experience is very annoying and I do not know how I could eliminate it.

After the click:

Thanks in advance


    //TEST ***********************************************
        var dsT = [
            { "pkk": 1230, "ElementoPEP": "Elemento PEP", "CuentaIngIntegra": "Cuenta Ingresos Integra", "InicioVigencia": "20161120","FinVigencia":"20171120" },
            { "pkk": 1231, "ElementoPEP": "Elemento PEP", "CuentaIngIntegra": "Cuenta Ingresos Integra", "InicioVigencia": "20161120","FinVigencia":"01/2019" },
            { "pkk": 1232, "ElementoPEP": "Elemento PEP", "CuentaIngIntegra": "Cuenta Ingresos Integra", "InicioVigencia": "20161120","FinVigencia":"02/2019" },
            { "pkk": 1233, "ElementoPEP": "Elemento PEP", "CuentaIngIntegra": "Cuenta Ingresos Integra", "InicioVigencia": "20180301","FinVigencia":"03/2019" },
            { "pkk": 1234, "ElementoPEP": "Elemento PEP", "CuentaIngIntegra": "Cuenta Ingresos Integra", "InicioVigencia": "20161120","FinVigencia":"04/2019" },
            { "pkk": 1235, "ElementoPEP": "Elemento PEP", "CuentaIngIntegra": "Cuenta Ingresos Integra", "InicioVigencia": "20161120","FinVigencia":"05/2019" },
            { "pkk": 1236, "ElementoPEP": "Elemento PEP", "CuentaIngIntegra": "Cuenta Ingresos Integra", "InicioVigencia": "20170105","FinVigencia":"06/2019" },
            { "pkk": 1237, "ElementoPEP": "Elemento PEP", "CuentaIngIntegra": "Cuenta Ingresos Integra", "InicioVigencia": "20161120","FinVigencia":"07/2019" }

        var PART_STATUSone = [
          {"Name": "TEST 1", "ID": 1}, 
          {"Name": "TEST 2", "ID": 2}, 
          {"Name": "TEST 3", "ID": 3}, 
          {"Name": "TEST 4", "ID": 4}, 
          {"Name": "TEST 5", "ID": 5}, 
          {"Name": "TEST 6", "ID": 6},
          {"Name": "TEST 7", "ID": 7}

        var PART_STATUStwo = [
          {"Name": "TEST 11", "ID": 11}, 
          {"Name": "TEST 12", "ID": 12}, 
          {"Name": "TEST 13", "ID": 13}, 
          {"Name": "TEST 14", "ID": 14}, 
          {"Name": "TEST 15", "ID": 15}, 
          {"Name": "TEST 16", "ID": 16},
          {"Name": "TEST 17", "ID": 17}

        // Min. Date ///////////////////////////////////
        var startdate = dsT[0].InicioVigencia;
        for (let prop in dsT) {
          if(moment(dsT[prop].InicioVigencia).diff(moment(startdate)) > 0)
            startdate = dsT[prop].InicioVigencia;
        var new_date = new Date(moment(startdate, "YYYYMMDD").add(1,'month'));         
        /////////////////////////////////// Min. Date //   

          autoGenerateColumns: false,
          renderCheckboxes: true,
          primaryKey: "pkk",

          columns: [
                  { headerText: "Elemento PEP", key: "ElementoPEP", dataType: "string" },
                  { headerText: "Cuenta Ingresos Integra", key: "CuentaIngIntegra", dataType: "string" },
                  { headerText: "Inicio Vigencia", key: "InicioVigencia", dataType: "date", format: "MM/yyyy" },
                  { headerText: "Fin Vigencia", key: "FinVigencia", dataType: "date", format: "MM/yyyy" },
                  { headerText: "PK", key: "pkk", dataType: "number", hidden: true }],
          dataSource: dsT,
          dataSourceType: "json",
          responseDataKey: "results",

          features: [
                name: "Updating",
                enableAddRow: true,
                editMode: "none",
                enableDeleteRow: false,
                rowEditDialogContainment: "owner",
                showReadonlyEditors: false,
                enableDataDirtyException: false,

                columnSettings: [
                      columnKey: "ElementoPEP",
                      editorType: "combo",
                      required: true,
                      editorOptions: {
                          dataSource: PART_STATUSone
                      columnKey: "CuentaIngIntegra",
                      editorType: "combo",
                      required: true,
                      editorOptions: {
                          dataSource: PART_STATUStwo
                    columnKey: "InicioVigencia",
                    editorType: "datepicker",
                    validation: true,
                    required: true,
                    dataMode: "date", 
                    dateDisplayFormat: "MM/yyyy", 
                    editorOptions: {
                      disabled: false,
                      minValue: new_date,
                      changeMonth: true,
                      changeYear: true
                    columnKey: "FinVigencia", 
                    editorType: "datepicker" 
              name: "Paging",
              type: "local",
              pageSize: 7
              name: "Selection",
              mode: "row",
              multipleSelection: false


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