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Category Chart - ASP.NET MVC for ASP.NET Core 2.0 does not compile/run

I attempted to drop a Category Chart into a .NET Core 2.0 project using the example code

The screen snaps below show the story

Notice "Title" is highlighted/red (1st graphic below)

Notice "Title" and "Subtitle" do not show in intelliSense (2nd graphic)

I opened the object browser for Infragistics.Web.Mvc.dll (3rd & 4th graphics) - "Title" and "Subtitle" are in fact there, but notice the "Summary" is in Japanese (not English)

When run, the browser page reports a compilation error (5th graphic):
'CategoryChart<FinancialDataPoint>' does not contain a definition for 'Title' and no extension method 'Title' accepting a first argument of type 'CategoryChart<FinancialDataPoint>' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

The controller is the final graphic (6th graphic)

If i comment out ".Title" and ".Subtitle" in the view, javascript for the grid is present in the page/code, but the grid does not show (7th graphic)

(I could not get these pics to keep their size or order in the editor)

Please advise...

Thank you!