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Making a row editable dynamically


I have 3 bands in igHierarchicalGrid. I have few columns which are editable in the second band.

I am using the default row level editing with Done and Cancel buttons. After SaveChanges is called on the Done button click I want to refresh the grid, expand it and make one of the cells in a row to be editable dynamically.

I am calling

grid.igHierarchicalGrid("dataBind"); which refreshes the grid but I am not able to edit the row without again clicking on it.

I want to make a row editable dynamically which has a particular ID as primary key just after the grid is refreshed and expanded.

I am able to refresh and expand the grid.

I have tried using StartEdit but it needs endEdit which I don't want to call:

gridUpdating.startEdit(row.Id, "Comment");

Can you please suggest something?



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