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igGrid - Out of stack space error when using a RowEditDialog and a custom combo EditorProvider


We are encountering an "Out of stack space" error when using a custom EditorProvider for a ComboBox in a grid row edit dialog. Please see the attached example. To duplicate this, please run the attached solution and follow these steps:

1. Run the site
2. Open the F12 console
3. Double click a row to edit it
4. Press Cancel on the row edit dialog
5. Double click another row to edit it
6. Select any option from the "Product Group Code" combo
7. An "Out of stack space" error occurs in the console



igGrid_EditingEvents Combo - Stack Space

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    Offline posted

    Hello Paul,

    After further testing of your sample it seems that I can relate it to already opened development issue with ID: 246635. In order to follow the progress of this issue I've created a private case for you. The case is with ID: CAS-190131-C4T5G6.

    You can find the case by going to your account on our web site and then to the "Support activity" tab.

    You can view the status of the development issue connected to that case by selecting the "Development Issues" tab when viewing this case.

    If you have further questions, please let me know.