IgGrid Paging dropdown

Hi ,

I'm having an Issue while doing remote Pagination ,

The Following are my requirement 

I have used Remote Side pagination For IgGird .

I’m having total 30 records in List ,

While Page Load by default records are loaded in IgGrid and working fine but as per our requirement we need to Display All values by Clicking  "ALL" text in paging dropdown .

So I have included a text “All” text to display all records as follows,

pageSizeList: [1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 30, "All"],

My issue is while clicking the text "All" in Paging dropdown , Grid shows all the 30 records but the after that I’m unable to use any other event or navigation within the grid after

choosing the text “ALL” in drop down the text should be "ALL" and I need to access other events in grid.

I have attached a sample source and sample video with this POST your for reference.

Kindly review the source and do the needful. 

Note: Kindly run the source from Product.cs page .

Iggrid Paging video.rarProduct.rarIndex.rarHomeController.rar