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igUpload Progress goes fast but not accurate

Hey there,

I've implemented the igUpload control and it seems to be working great.  The problem is when the page is left open for a long period of time and then the user tries to perform an upload, the progress bar GOES FAST.  Like 125 KB every 100 milliseconds so file uploads seem to be speed along.  I know for a fact that I can only upload about 125 KB a second. 

Now things get interesting.  Even though the file is marked at 100% bits transferred, it can still be cancelled.  However if I know the file takes 30 seconds to upload (normally) then after 30 seconds the file will be marked as done - file is on the server and the next file will start. 

I can't figure out why the progress issue is happening or how to prevent it.

Has anyone seen this problem and know how to fix it?

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    Hello Karthik,

    Thank you for the screenshot you have provided.

    I tested the behavior you have described in regards to being able to terminate the upload for some time when the progress bar is filled and I was not able to reproduce it.
    In order for me  to assist you on the issue you have encountered, would you please provide me with more detailed information on the following:

    • How long exactly is the period of time the user has to wait before uploading a new file and reproducing the issue?
    • Is the issue reproduced with all kinds/types of files and regardless of their size?
    • Is the issue reproduced only on a specific browser or on multiple ones?
    • What is the product version of Infragistics you are using for reproducing the issue? (volume and build)
    • Any additional information (igUpload settings/options/etc.) in regards to reproducing the issue, that you think might be relevant to it.

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

    Associate Software Developer

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