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igGrid ColumnEditorType.Date is not working correctly with .NET Core 2.0

The igGrid column editor EditorType(ColumnEditorType.Date) with DataMode(DateEditorDataMode.Date) appears to load the cell editor with null when the column is clicked in .NET Core 2.0

(see attached screen snap)

This same code works correctly in ASP.NET 4.6.1 (the cell editor is loaded with “05:00”)

I’ve had such trouble with this forum editor, so have attached a link to the example zipped solution on one-drive instead:!Asqef4XMXF_I8QGw81kUwEPTTKpN

Visual Studio 15.5.5
IgniteUI (17.2.456)
Infragistics.Web.AspNetCore (

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