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WebDataGrid css Style for specific column

On my webdatagrid I have AutoCRUD="true" to create CRUD Column.

I would like to make cursor as hand-pointer when moving the mouse over this column.

I created a style:

<style type="text/css">








How can I apply it only for specific CRUD column ,not for all row ?

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    Offline posted

    Thanks , this is very nice resource , however I am not sure who I can reference to AutoCRUD cell ?  I don't have it listed as a column,
     it's auto generated by webdataGrid when I set AutoCRUD= true
     here is my code for grid. At this moment i am applyng style to all items, and i need just for first column  which is auto generated

    <ig:WebDataGrid ID="WebDGCase" DataKeyFields="ACTIONABLE_CASE_ID" runat="server"
                    AutoCRUD="true" Height="400px" Width="100%" DataSourceID = "ODS_Case" EnableViewState="false" AutoGenerateColumns="False"
                    BackColor="White"  ItemCssClass="cursorCSS" >
                        <ig:BoundDataField DataFieldName="ACTIONABLE_CASE_ID" Key="ACTIONABLE_CASE_ID" >
                            <Header Text="Case ID" />
                        <ig:BoundDataField DataFieldName="ACTIONABLE_CASE_TYPE_NAME" Key="ACTIONABLE_CASE_TYPE_NAME" >
                            <Header Text="Case Type" />
                        <ig:BoundDataField DataFieldName="STATUS_CODE" Key="STATUS_CODE" >
                            <Header Text="Status Code" />
                        <ig:BoundDataField DataFieldName="STATUS_NAME" Key="STATUS_NAME" >
                            <Header Text="Status Name" />
                        <ig:Filtering Alignment="Top" Visibility="Visible" FilterType="ExcelStyleFilter" AnimationEnabled="true" > </ig:Filtering>

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    Offline posted in reply to Svetlana Faleyev

    AutoCRUD is a property that is exposed by the EditingCore behavior not the WebDataGrid that allows for automatic CRUD updates to the data source the grid is bound to and doesn't add an additional column.  The code as provided will just add an AutoCRUD as an attribute on the html element that the WebDataGrid uses and doesn't have any impact on the behavior of the WebDataGrid.

    There aren't expected be any additional columns in the grid when you use AutoCRUD with the WebDataGrid.

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