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Ignite UI Data Chart - Split Data into Multiple Series

I have the below data.

Release      Page       ResponseTime

1                  Home     2

1                  Search   3

2                  Home     3

2                  Search   4

3                  Home     4

3                  Search   2

I am trying to create a data chart using Ignite UI that will show the trend of Response Time for each Page across multiple Releases.

As of now, when I add ResponseTime as series, it plots single line on the chart. However, I want 2 lines that shows the trend of Response Time for the 2 Pages in the data. Is there any way to achieve this, without modifying the data structure, as this is very dynamic.



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    Hi Saran,

    I have been searching for ways to make this happen but unsuccessfully. The chart series requirements are that there is a different data property that each series can be bound to. If you want me to show you how to modify the data to meet these requirements, please let me know.

    Then you would be able to use different type of series, including financial that plot trend lines on the chart. I am looking forward to hearing from you.