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Stuck at mvc application data binding using model view.

Hello Team,

I am trying to check whether we can use your tool for my project requirement and I am new to bootstrap and MVC. 

I have implemented the code by using instructions shown in the page I am not sure where I am missing the code as I am unable to see the data on the screen. There is no data displaying in the grid at all.

My requirement is to use a grid with Grouping, Multi column and customized editing of cells. Can you please help me to fix out on how to display the data into the grid. It would be helpful if I can have a working sample with MVC and entity framework. 

Please find the screen shots of my code. I am attaching the controller, Model and View of my project.

NOTE: When I check the model in the cshtml file using debugger I am able to see the data in the result view but the grid is not displaying.


Nand     an.