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igGird - Row Edit Dialog - Done or Cancel

How can I tell if the user clicked done, or if the user clicked cancel? Can I do this in the 'rowEditDialogAfterClose' event? if so how?

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    Hello William,


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    The “rowEditDialogAfterClose” event doesn’t give you a way to access the event details you need, so what I would suggest is that you use the “editRowEnding” event instead - it gets raised after the user has finished the row editing process, but before applying the changes that were made to the grid. Its “ui” parameter provides you with references and information about the row update that is about to happen – the rowID, values, oldValues, and also the update variable, which is boolean and indicates if the row would be updated or not.

    In case the user has clicked the “Done” button, the value of ui.update would be “true”, otherwise, if the “Cancel” button has been clicked - ui.update would be “false.

    More detailed information about this event could be found here:


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