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How to set the region to UK on the filter datepicker


Using .Net Core 2.0 and Infragistics.Web.AspNetCore v6.17.2.202 

Is it possible to alter the region and language of the datepicker that is used for the column filter?

I'm building the Grid in the controller and then passing it through to the View. 

Currently the datepicker for the filter displays like this:


I need to display a UK region datepicker.


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    Hello Dev Manager,

    Thank you for posting in our community.

    Since version 17.2 you have the ability to set region option per column. This gives you the opportunity to have different regional formatting of the different columns data . This means that if you would like to have the date picker for this column formatted in "en-GB" you can set the regional option for this column to the desired region. For example:

      .Columns(column =>
                    column.For(x => x.Id).Width("60px");
                    column.For(x => x.StartTime).Width("100px").Regional("en-GB");
                    column.For(x => x.Description);
                    column.For(x => x.Percentage);
                    column.For(x => x.Amount).DataType("number");

    Please keep in mind that in order to use different regions the corresponding files need to be loaded before hand. In your scenario the file needed is:
    By design regional files are located in the regional folder:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Infragistics\2018.1\Ignite UI\js\modules\i18n\regional

    Some additional information regarding customizing and localizing Ignite UI controls could be found here.

    Please let me know if you need any further assistance with this matter.

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