IgGrid in one column, show different kinds of inputfields/Editors

Hello community,
i want to hava a column in an iggrid, which is in same cases a dropdown menu in other cases an input text field.

Lets say there is table with the columns "Property" and "Value":

Property                    |                  Value


Currency                   |                  $

Count of something  |                   31242

For the first row it makes sense to use a dropdown list, which shows the user only valid input values, the count is limited.

For the second row you can not use a dropdown list because there is no limit of possible items of the list, the user has to enter a number with the keyboard.

So is there a way, to customize one column, so this column can be a dropdown list and sometimes an input text field?

Hopefully someone can give me a hint, because I have no idea how to start with this, I am happy for any kind of support.