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IgZoombar does not support the unknownValuePlotting property of the series

You can see my problem in the pics.
First if I choose only one valueset for a single graph, everything is working well.

If I put an additional set to the datasource, this means some of the entries has only values of dataset one, others of dataset two and a few of both. For this I have to set the property in series: unknownValuePlotting: "linearInterpolate"
which is also working very well.
But if you take a look for the second image, the igZoombar at the top, shows stills gaps, and the second dataset is not displayed

The igZoombar is very simple configured:

                        target: "#innerChart",
                        zoomWindowMinWidth: 0

The igDataChart is much more complicated

var chart = $("#innerChart").igDataChart({
                        dataSource: scope.datasource,
                        width: "100%",
                        height: scope.height + "px",
                        axes: scope.axes,
                        series: scope.series,
                        legend: { element: 'legend' },
                        horizontalZoomable: true,
                        verticalZoomable: true,
                        useInterpolation: true,
                        windowResponse: "immediate",

var oneDataSeries{
                        showTooltip: false,
                        name: "series" + proc.Id,
                        title: allCharacteristics[proc.Id].name + " AV",
                        type: "line",
                        xAxis: "xAxis",
                        yAxis: allCharacteristics[proc.Id].unit,
                        valueMemberPath: "value" + proc.Id,
                        thickness: 2,
                        unknownValuePlotting: "linearInterpolate",
                        brush: allCharacteristics[proc.Id].color,
                        isTransitionInEnabled: true,
                        isHighlightingEnabled: true,
                        markerType: "circle"

There is also one x-Axes for all of the graphs and a y-Axes for each graph

I allready tried to use the "clone" option of the igZoombar, but the "auto" option has no effect (maybe it is default) and when i try to use an object instead, the zoombar is empty.

You may have some hints which helps me to handle this.

Thank you
BR Michael

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    Some options are not involved into the creation of the chart behind the igZoombar. And unknownValuePlotting  is one of those options.

    This is a design decision and it was taken in order to provide cleaner clone and better user experience for developers and users.

    So in order to include unknownValuePlotting into the initialization  of igZoombar you need to pass the chart configuration as a clone.

    clone: zoomBarOpts

    Please review the following a fiddle.

    Note For the most cases consider disabling gridMode, crosshairVisibility, labelVisibility for the igZoombar clone.