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Infragistics().DataChart do not get rendered in bootstrap tab


I am using ignite ui v18.1 (latest version) MVC5 Razor ASP.NET

I have a requirement of implementing  multiple charts inside bootstrap tabs

However chart in first tab which is a active tab get rendered correctly but for other tab which is a non active tab gets the following issue

Uncaught TypeError: c.b is not a function
at (infragistics.dv.js:222)
at Class.cs (infragistics.dv.js:220)
at Class.cs (infragistics.dv.js:230)
at Class.provideContainer (infragistics.dv.js:220)
at Class._renderChartContainer (infragistics.dv.js:901)
at Class._create (infragistics.dv.js:899)
at $.(:54492/anonymous function).(anonymous function)._create (localhost:54492/.../infragistics.dv.js:1023:7165)
at $.(:54492/anonymous function).(anonymous function)._create (localhost:54492/.../jquery-ui.js:415:25)
at $.(:54492/anonymous function).(anonymous function)._createWidget (localhost:54492/.../jquery-ui.js:585:8)
at $.(:54492/anonymous function).(anonymous function).$.Widget._createWidget (localhost:54492/.../infragistics.core.js:346:19420)

Sample code

                    .Title("Auctioned MW - UP Direction")
                    .Axes(axes =>
                        .Label(item => item.BlockDataDateTime);


                    .Series(series =>
                        .Title("MW Up")
                        .ValueMemberPath(item => item.AuctionedMwUp)
                        .Brush("rgba(255, 0, 0, 1)")
                        .MarkerBrush("rgba(255, 0, 0, 1)")
                        .Legend(lenged => lenged.ID("lenged"));