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Cannot call methods on igEditor prior to initialization

I'm handling the editRowStarted event in a grid and I want to hide the editor for a column if the row is being edited, but when it's added I want it to show.

if (ui.rowAdding === false) {
$TestSampleTypeColumnManager.$_itemGrid.igGridUpdating('editorForKey', $FSQATestSampleTypeColumnItem.fielD_TESTSAMPLETYPEID).igEditor('hide');
else {
$TestSampleTypeColumnManager.$_itemGrid.igGridUpdating('editorForKey', $FSQATestSampleTypeColumnItem.fielD_TESTSAMPLETYPEID).igEditor('show');

When the "show" or "hide" get called, I get the error:
Uncaught Error: cannot call methods on igEditor prior to initialization; attempted to call method 'show'

What do I need to do to initialize the editor? 

I do this in other grids and it normally works, so I'm obviously failing to do something in this grid that's causing it to fail.

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