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Initial Value RowEditDialog comboEditor

I have the following code:

name: "Updating",
enableAddRow: true,
enableUpdateRow: true,
enableDeleteRow: false,
startEditTriggers: "click",
editMode: "dialog",
columnSettings: [
    columnKey: "Guid",
    required: true,
    editorType: "combo",
    editorOptions: {
    mode: "dropdown",
    dataSource: jQuery.parseJSON(agencies),
    textKey: "Text",
    valueKey: "GUID",
   dropDownOnReadOnly: true,

I want the combo to have the initial value set to the value of the column (GUID). Is this possible?

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    Offline posted

    Hello William

    By design the initially selected value of the igCombo editor provider is the cell value if it is available in the combo`s data source.

    Attached you can find a sample that has same configuration as the one previously sent and the Guid column has an initial value.

    Please test it on your side and feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.

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